Augustin & Bugg is a Nuremberg-based law firm offering a wide range of services in an international context. We are active with our qualified team in German, English law as well as the law of other jurisdictions (including New Zealand).  In addition to traditional legal work, Augustin & Bugg provides mediation, seminar and translation services to support our clients.

We have developed a great deal of experience in our office with cross-cultural-communication (ccc).

This requires not only an understanding of the different legal systems but also a knowledge of the cultural context and the legal terminology. We also try to place any legal issues in the commercial or cultural and social context so that solutions can be found even in complex matters.

As lawyers we are subject to professional duties of confidentiality towards our clients in terms of § 43a section 2 sentence 2 BRAO and § 2 section 2 BORA.