Family Law

Family law is not limited to separation, divorce or even maintenance matters. It includes many important areas of everyday life, even those affecting single people, property, finance, tax and social security matters as well as commercial decisions or inheritance issues all combine to have an impact on family law matters.

We will endeavour to develop an individual solution tailor-made to your specific circumstances, whereby conflicts can be avoided and in the event of any disputes we will try to support you and obtain the best possible solutions.

In particular, we offer:

  • Advice in cases of separation
  • Matrimonial property agreements, separations and divorce agreements
  • Support in obtaining and defending maintenance claims (including spousal and child support)
  • Advice and legal counsel as well as court representation in all divorce matters including property issues and property settlements
  • Assistance with guardianship and child access matters
  • Representation in paternity matters
  • Assistance with non-molestation matters as well as family violence protection orders