International Family Law

The number of marriages being concluded between partners with different nationalities is increasing dramatically.

Whilst it is relatively easy to get married in an international context, although there may be local difficulties with authorities, in case of any disputes or difficulties within the relationship, the problems can often be very complex from a legal point of view. Issues arise such as the applicable law and the responsible courts as well as “foreign” cultures and court orders concerning child care, custody, maintenance and the separation of property. Well before any such marriage or international partnership is entered into, it is therefore worthwhile obtaining legal advice as to possible consequences.

In case of any divorce in international marriages or between partners from outside of the German jurisdiction, the following issues have to be considered:

  • Jurisdiction, the responsible court
  • Applicable law
  • Family law of the foreign countries
  • Avoiding abduction of children to another jurisdiction

In all of the above matters we have considerable experience and are able to provide you with sound advice both before as well as after any difficulties arise.