Mediation is becoming ever more popular in order to settle disputes without the unnecessary costs, expense, inconvenience, time and upset often related with court disputes. Mediation is a voluntary, structured procedure by which the parties can work together in order to find a mutually-acceptable solution with the help of a trained mediator. The parties are not forced or compelled in any way to participate in the mediation, nor are they obliged to accept any suggested solution, but with the skill and care of a good mediator the vast majority of disputes are usually settled in a manner that benefits all concerned.

Mediation can be used in the following situations:

  • In case of any internal family dispute or disputes between partners
  • In case of separation or divorce
  • In issues related to access or child care
  • In inheritance matters
  • In employment matters
  • In disputes related to the local community, the church or particular social groups
  • For intercultural or interreligious matters
  • In neighbour disputes
  • In relation to schools or training and apprenticeship

We are able to provide advise on mediation as well as mediation services in both the English as well as the German languages.