Seminars and Workshops

Nuernberg Seminars:

Moderator for all seminars and workshops: Stuart G. Bugg 

Masterclass on Contracts – Update 2018
Hotel Victoria Nürnberg
9-10 November 2018
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Inhouse Seminars:

Stuart Bugg offers several seminars and workshops, especially in the areas of commercial law and contract law, such as

  • Vertragsrecht und Vertragsgestaltung auf Englisch
  • Standard Legal Clauses & Boilerplates
  • Managing Liability in Contracts
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Business English, Meetings, Negotiations & Presentations
  • Englisch für Mitarbeiter in der Anwaltskanzlei
  • Legal English

For information on these and other in-house seminars click here.

Renate Augustin, specialist lawyer in family law, mediator (DAA), offers several lectures and seminars on various family law and inheritance law matters, such as

  • Family law and inheritance law
  • Divorce and the consequences
  • Child custody and guardianship/patchwork families
  • Dealing with child access

Stuart Bugg offers both public as well as inhouse seminars in these and other subjects. Inhouse seminars allow the workshop to be tailor made to suit these specific needs of the individual clients organisation.

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